Genealogy of the Schlagenhafts

Introduction Already Barbara Schlagenhaft, the cousin of my father has begun to collect genealogy data of the Schlagenhafts. She was mainly inquiring old parish-registers and thus was able to trace back our family name to the 17th century. Today my father, Walter Schlagenhaft, and I, Rolf Schlagenhaft, are carrying on this hobby. My father is concerned with data collection, whereas I arrange all information systematically in the computer. We are not only interested in persons with the name of Schlagenhaft, but also in all our relatives. In the meantime we almost have 2000 persons in our database. In the list of names you will find each family name and itís frequency. Everybody who discovers his or her family name there and likes to find out, if he or she is related to us, may write us an e-mail (
Origin of Name By word of mouth the name of Schlagenhaft has had its origin in the name of Schlaginhauffen. The name of Schlaginhauffen again traces back to four brothers who were mercenaries and who have called themselves Schlaginhauffen ("beat-the-crowd"), Schlagintweit ("beat-far-away") and so on. It is said that they originated from Austria. We are always looking for sources or documents confirming or eventually disproving this story. It is said that a historical text about the reformer Martin Luther tells about a companion at table with the name of Schlaginhauffen, although the family always was mainly catholic. For this information, too, we havenít found a written source yet. If anybody can provide useful information about it, we would be very glad about an e-mail to
Coat of arms In 1516 the lineage of the Schlaginhauffen received a coat of arms which was improved and changed by emperor Maximilian. The document by which the coat of arms was improved has been preserved in its original form by fortunate circumstances. It has not been lost during the agitations of the centuries, as in many other families. At the time, the document was signed, the lineage of the Schlaginhauffen most probably had not the financial possibilities to pay the fees for its delivery. Therefore the original can still be found in the national archives in Vienna. There it is securely kept under best climatic conditions. Apart from that I am convinced that nowadays it would not be handed over to us any more. However my father has already seen the document there. The picture on the top left of this page doesnít show the mentioned document, but an illustration of both coat of arms painted in the 20th century. From the heraldic point of view it surely contains several mistakes.
Database Unfortunately the family database is too big to be published here completely. Besides that, I donít want to give away confidential data about living persons. Thus only two small exemplary excerpts are presented here:
  • A chart of the line from Heinrich Schlafauff up to me, Rolf Schlagenhaft in PDF format.
  • A database with all known ancestors of my grandfather Georg Schlagenhaft in GEDCOM format
  • Software At about 1990 I began to collect family data electronically. I programmed two mutually connected databases in dBase3+. One of them contained the families, the other one the individuals. Entering and diplaying data was possible by simple text forms on the computer screen, which were programmed in Clipper. In 1995 I discovered some commercial and public domain programs for genealogical research. They were more efficient than my self-made solution. At that time I decided to use an early version of Family Tree Maker It was possible to rather easily transfer the data from the old database to the new one by using an intermediate file in GEDCOM format. The underlying database model was rather similar. In 2000 I discovered software for my Palm handheld enabling mobile access to the family database at any time: MyRoots is a fast genealogical database with input capabilities and a huge set of data fields. GedPalm is a simpler, faster genealogical database without the possibility of entering new persons or families. The data syncronisation between Palm and PC is possible by a file in GEDCOM format and the normal HotSynch protocol of the Palm handheld. The estimated 2000 persons of our database need about 500k memory on the Palm.
    Family Tree Maker: MyRoots: GedPalm:
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